Cisco, Google reenergize multicloud/hybrid cloud joint development

Cisco, VMware, HPE and others tap into new Google Cloud Anthos cloud technology

Cisco, Google reenergize multicloud/hybrid cloud joint development

Cisco and Google have expanded their joint cloud-development activities to help customers more easily build secure multicloud and hybrid applications everywhere from on-premises data centers to public clouds.


The expansion centers around Google’s new open-source hybrid cloud package called Anthos, which was introduced at the company’s Google Cloud Next event this week. Anthos is based on – and supplants – the company’s existing Google Cloud Service beta. Anthos will let customers run applications, unmodified, on existing on-premises hardware or in the public cloud and will be available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and in data centers with GKE On-Prem, the company says. Anthos will also let customers for the first time manage workloads running on third-party clouds such as AWS and Azure from the Google platform without requiring administrators and developers to learn different environments and APIs, Google said.

Essentially, Anthos offers a single managed service that promises to let customers manage and deploy workloads across clouds, without having to worry about dissimilar environments or APIs.

As part of the rollout, Google also announced a beta program called Anthos Migrate that Google says auto-migrates VMs from on-premises, or other clouds, directly into containers in GKE. “This unique migration technology lets you migrate and modernize your infrastructure in one streamlined motion, without upfront modifications to the original VMs or applications,” Google said. It gives companies the flexibility to move on-prem apps to a cloud environment at the customers pace, Google said.

Cisco and Google

For its part Cisco announced support of Anthos and promised to tightly integrate it with Cisco data center-technologies, such as its HyperFlex hyperconverged package, Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco’s flagship SDN offering), SD-WAN and Stealthwatch Cloud. The integrations will enable a consistent, cloud-like experience whether on-prem or in the cloud with automatic upgrades to the latest versions and security patches, Cisco stated.

“Google Cloud’s expertise in containerization and service mesh – Kubernetes and Istio, respectively – as well as their leadership in the developer community, combined with Cisco’s enterprise-class networking, compute, storage and security products and services makes for a winning combination for our customers,” wrote Kip Compton, Cisco senior vice president, Cloud Platform and Solutions Group. “The Cisco integrations for Anthos will help customers build and manage multicloud and hybrid applications across their on-premises datacenters and public clouds and let them focus on innovation and agility without compromising security or increasing complexity.”


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