Amazon Launches New AWS Initiative As Part Of A Broader Global Technology Response To COVID-19

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has had a profound impact on enabling technology to scale up with the growth of the Internet and online services. They enabled modern cloud computing which has in turn enabled services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and others to scale so dramatically. One of the reason all your favorite websites are still online when people are clamoring for information about COVID-19 is because of the cloud.

Today AWS announced the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative, touted as “a program to support customers who are working to bring better, more accurate, diagnostics solutions to market faster and promote better collaboration across organizations that are working on similar problems.”

More specifically, AWS are investing $20 million to “accelerate diagnostic research, innovation, and development to speed our collective understanding and detection of COVID-19 and other innovate diagnostic solutions to mitigate future infectious disease outbreaks.”

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