Accelerated Strategies Group Launches Mission to Disrupt the Technology Analyst Model

Bringing an Open Source Native Model to the Technology Analyst Industry, Accelerated Strategies Group Wants to Set Knowledge Free and Open for Digital Transformation, DevOps,

Boca Raton, FL, January 23, 2020 — Accelerated Strategies Group (AccelST) has launched with the mission of disrupting the technology analyst market by utilizing the same principles of the open source, free model now prevalent in the greater technology/software market. AccelST will focus on the areas of Digital Transformation, DevOps, Cloud-Native and Cybersecurity.

The last few years have seen a revolution in the go-to-market and consumption of software powered by the cloud, Cloud-Native, DevOps, Agile and similar methodologies. Free, open source software has become the dominant component in most applications today, bringing disruption and change throughout the sales and distribution model. AccelST will use this same model to disrupt the outdated models of publication and distribution of technology analysis information.

“It is amazing to me that even with the triumph of open source business models, the analyst industry has insulated itself from the basic proposition that information and knowledge want to be free,” said Mitchell Ashley, CEO and founder of Accelerated Strategies Group. “We intend to make all of our research, analysis and work open and free to end users. Our consulting and sponsored activities will fully fund our organization.”

Accelerated Strategies Group is a joint venture by Mitchell Ashley, a respected technology industry veteran, and MediaOps Inc., the company behind, Security Boulevard, Container Journal and Digital Anarchist and co-founders of the DevOps Institute. “Working with Mitchell is amazing because he is consistently on the forefront of changes we see in our target markets—he walks the walk and talks the talk,” said Alan Shimel, CEO and founder of MediaOps. “Adding key industry and community leaders to the lineup really positions Accelerated Strategies Group as a firm that understands today’s markets and can help others with their transformations.”

The Voices of Experience

Accelerated Strategies Group experts don’t just regurgitate what others tell us; we use our expertise and experience to offer insightful, intelligent, useful information in a variety of formats relevant to technology builders and vendors: digital events, videos, reports, assessments, workshops and implementation projects with tech vendors, IT organizations and business leaders. And, similar to the open core model of open source companies, we widely and openly share our work products, often for free. Our analysts are industry leaders and authors including Mitchell Ashley, Sanjeev Sharma, Gary Gruver, Helen Beal, Jayne Groll, Eveline Oherlich, Bob Reselman, Ross Clanton, Marc Hornbeek, Donald Lutz and Frank Ohlhorst.

For more information and to request a free 30-minute briefing, visit Because knowledge wants to be free.

About MediaOps, Inc.

MediaOps is a premier global media platform for technical communities including DevOps, Security and Containerization. Its brands, which include, Container Journal, Security Boulevard and Digital Anarchist, attract and engage a thriving onlinecommunity of technology professionals around the world. Resources include award-winning editorial, creation of high-quality custom content, multimedia production and distribution. As the leaders in these emerging segments, MediaOps’ properties include powerful, integrated marketing and communication platforms to help clients maximize their campaign ROI and paid media investments.

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