The change to the agile operation of cloud-native applications


The cloud is the entrance ticket for the club of agile companies, as the cloud-native applications can be flexibly combined, transformed, extended and customized. However, not every company has in-house appropriate competencies. Thus, T-Systems supports the companies to develop and to operate cloud-native applications in the DevOps-model

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Global Digital Women and the SAP Kitchen

„Data Security: I have nothing to hide” was the topic for the conversation when Global Digital Woman invited to a panel discussion held at SAP’s Data Kitchen in Berlin. The CEO and founder of GDW Tijen Onaran gave everyone a warm welcome. As an introduction to the topic Birgit Hess, Cloud Security Awareness Lead at SAP, opened with a flirt to all the Matrix fans. But what is the core message of Matrix? Don’t trust your own eyes.

A two-away approach towards security in Cloud Computing

This article is the first of a series of articles providing an overview of security challenges in cloud computing, and respective solutions addressing such challenges.

By enabling a long-held dream of computing as utility, Cloud Computing has become one of the major technology trends in the last decade. Due to its’ flexible and agile nature, Cloud Computing is continuously and significantly transforming a large part of the IT industry.

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